Statement of the Donbas, Dnipro & Aydar Volunteer Batallions to the President of Ukraine

Date: June 29,2014
Place: Rally in front of the Presidential Administration, Bankova str., Kyiv, Ukraine

“Dear Mr President! We, the Ukrainians, choose European model of society development and proved our choice by blood of our patriots. All of us, being breathless and hardly constraining ourselves, saw how during imposed ”truce” at Eastern Ukraine our soldiers were dying.We worthily withstood allotted time, but continue waiting is impossible. Nation of Ukraine proved to itself as well as to the whole World, that despite of difficulties, is able to meet its goals.


Economical part of Ukraine – EU Association agreement was signed on June 27, 2014. Actually signing of this document was the reason why people came to Maidan on November 21, 2013 and stayed during many months at the Independence square. We all together survived a terrible winter, which ended by mutual win. But there is a new threat at our way to the peace, tranquility and prosperity. We are dealing with uncontrolled force of aggressor from Russia Federation. There is real war at the territory of Ukraine. And the President must recognize this fact.


Attempts of various European politicians to enforce Ukraine to any negotiations with terroristic organization as well as to propose to sit at the negotiating table with explicit enemies of Ukraine democratic movement will fail. Whereas 23 patriots already died during “truce“ proposed to Ukraine, Belgian & French  politicians demonstrate their loyalty to the Putin’s regime. This is why we focus your attention on the fact that mentioned actions contradict interests of Ukraine and the whole Ukrainian nation.


On behalf of the people of Ukraine, representatives of the volunteer battalions Donbas, Dnipro & Aydar, Boards of “Maidan hundreds”, Maidan NGOs & Maidan communities, address to you the following demands:

1. To stop current ”truce”;
2. To Introduce “the state of war;
3. To provide volunteers of mentioned Battalions with sufficient number of weapons & enable them to implement measures aimed at destroying all terrorists;
4. Fulfill his pre-election commitments in relation to battalion officers’ social assistance; and the last one
5: to demand  introduction of the third phase of EU & USA sanctions against the Russian Federation.
Glory to Ukraine!”



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