One of the biggest in Ukraine: a wind electric power plant launched in Zaporizhzhia region

On November 1, the Prymorska Wind Electric Power Plant II was launched in Zaporizhzhia Region.

It is one of the biggest in Ukraine and will generate about 700 million kWh of “green energy.”

The opening was timed with the end of the construction of the second and last stage of the wind park.

The plant consists of 52 turbines with a height of 110 meters (higher than the Mother Motherland monument in Kyiv) and a length of blades of 65 meters.

The construction of the plant began in 2011, but in 2014 it was frozen and the project was resumed only in 2016.

The total cost of the plant amounted to 321 million euros, of which 180 million euros are foreign investments.

The plant will produce enough energy to provide electricity for 360 thousand households.


Source: ipne


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