Ukrainian food producers name top five importers of the country’s agri-food

India was named the biggest importer of Ukraine’s agricultural products in 2018.

The country is buying beans, vegetables, oat, soybean and sunflower oil from Ukraine. Last year India imported Ukrainian agri-food worth of USD 1,8 billion, reports the Ukrainian Food Export Board (UFEB). In 2018 Ukraine’s export grew by 5,4 per cent reaching USD 14,8 billion, the non-profit association of food producers adds.

The second-largest importer of Ukrainian agricultural products is China. It shipped agri-food worth of USD one billion. Top products imported include corn – USD 489 million, sunflower oil – USD 334 million and whey – USD 11,3 million.

The Netherlands ranks third. Top agri-food the country imported from Ukraine includes meat, poultry offal, butter, corn, buckwheat and proso millet. Overall imports reached USD 643 million.

Spain is the fourth-largest importer with corn and beans being the top products. The report by UFEB does not specify the import figure for Spain noting though that the exports of Ukrainian agricultural products to the country decreased by 32 per cent in comparison to 2017 when Spain ranked third.

Saudi Arabia comes fifth, in 2018 it imported Ukrainian agri-food worth of USD 510 million. Top products included shell-less eggs, barley, meat and poultry offal.

To remind, in 2018 Ukraine’s cereal export translated into record-breaking USD 7,2 billion, reported the state research center “Institute for Agrarian Economics”.

Last month the European Commission released a report showing Ukraine is one of the top five countries of origin of EU’s agri-food imports over the past 12 months. The report quotes the data of October 2018.


Source: ukrainian-food


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