50 photos of clean space: Kyiv on coronavirus quarantine

50 photos of clean space during coronavirus quarantine. Photos taken from a drone.

Professional photographer Serhiy Ristenko has been using a drone for taking pictures for the last fewy ears.

He used quarantine time to capture the free-from-the-crowd-and-cars capital where he lives and works.

“I like to show not only Kyiv’s famous tourist attractions, but also places where nobody has ever thought to fly,”  Serhiy says.

Kyiv on quarantine. Photo taken on Easter

In 2019, one of his photos was among the 25 world’s best taken by drone.

You can find more of his photos here.

See how incredible our capital is. There may be a 2020 world’s best photo among these pictures.

 Bus park №7

At the crossroad

Morning in the capital



Moscow Bridge


Kyiv from a bird’s eye view


St. Sophia on Easter




Taras Shevchenko University

On Easter

 Bridges over the Dnipro




The Dnipro




Source: ukrpravda


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