Digital art inspired by Ukrainian soldiers

A prominent Slovak digital artist Rado Javor devoted some of his works to Ukrainian soldiers to show his “support to the brave people” in Ukraine.

The kind of ‘Seasons’ series featuring three pictures so far – Spring in Ukraine, Summer in Ukraine and Winter in Ukraine – was “inspired by the events in the severely tried land [Ukraine]”

The latest work Winter in Ukraine depicting Ukraine’s Cyborgs at the Donetsk Airport is accompanied by the following message to Ukrainian people:

“I wish Happy Christmas to all people in Ukraine, especially at the Eastern front in the Donetsk Airport. I can’t Imagine how hard it must be sitting in the cold and waiting for the enemy”

13-01-winter in ukraine by radojavor-d8czxa8

Rado Jovar also expresses hope that “one day the Lenin and his sick follower Putin will go down for good and the people can finally enjoy the peaceful summer afternoon”.

13-01-spring in ukraine by radojavor

13-01-summer in ukraine by radojavor



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