December 19, 2014 | 21:26 PM

Ukrainian Beauty: Fashion project “Shchyri”

Ukrainian Fashion Week: December 17th marks the opening of a unique fashion show in which fifteen Ukrainian celebrities modeled authentic Ukrainian costumes. The beauty and richness and variety of the traditional Ukrainian costume have been preserved in stunning photographs that are the feature of the show.

Over thirty vintage costumes from ten regions in Ukraine were brought together by stylist Antonina Belinska. Preparations for the photo shoot lasted well over two months. Not only was it important to recreate how the costumes were worn at the beginning of the XX century but the reconstruction of the long-lost headdresses had to be perfect as well.


“This was a grand project,” stressed Natalia Kravets, organizer of the project and executive director of “Domosphere.” “We didn’t know to the last minute whether the breathtaking costumes from Borshchiv would arrive in time for the photo shoot or if the master craftsmen employed by Lesia Patoka Studio would be able to recreate, under the watchful eyes of experts, the beautiful flower wreaths women wore so many years ago or whether the dukachi [antique neckwear] that are over 150 years old would be brought here in time. It’s only now as I look at the twelve fabulous photographs that I have come to realize that everything has worked out.”


The fashion project “Shchyri” is all about a love for Ukraine but it is also about a love for people. A 2015 calendar featuring the twelve striking photographs from the show is available for sale. All proceeds from the sale are slated to go to the Military Clinic in Kyiv to help cover costs for the care and rehabilitation of the soldiers injured in the war in eastern Ukraine.
The calendar is available for purchase at the fashion show and in all “Domosphera” stores. We invite everyone to come to the free fashion show December 18th 2014 – January 19th 2015 at 101 Stolychne Hwy, Kyiv, Ukraine.


The ladies who worked so hard on the project are TV anchorwomen Masha Efrosynina, Olha Freimut, Lilia Rebryk, Vasylisa Frolova, Ianina Sokolova, vocalists Nata Zhyzhchenko, Aliona Vinnytska, Kasha Saltsiova, Iulia Sanina, Santa Dimopulos, Natalia Dzenkiv, designer and director Olha Navrotska, executive director of Ukrainian Fashion Week Iryna Danylevska, choreographer Olena Shoptenko, and actress Olena Kravets.


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