Lviv IT specialists created DDOS game to block russian websites

Lviv IT specialists have created an online browser game to help Ukraine fight the Russian aggression.

This is an analogue of the famous 2048 number puzzle game, the solution of which requires only basic math knowledge.

This was reported by Footboom.

One player in one hour of play sends about 20,000 requests to block websites serving the Russian army. The exact list of these websites is not disclosed for the security of the initiative.

What do you need to do to participate in the game?

To have access to the Internet.

Go to

Just leave this page open on your computer or smartphone so that it automatically loads the aggressor’s websites.


If you play from Ukraine, you must use VPN. We recommend Opera browser with built-in VPN.

If you play from other countries, VPN is not required. The number of attacks will be many times higher when using the desktop version (PCs, laptops).



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