Ukrainian battery for electric cars is superior to “Tesla”

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Ukrainian engineer developed a battery for electric cars that is superior to “Tesla“.

Kharkiv engineer Oleksandr Tsychmystro developed a battery for electric cars with characteristics that exceed the developments of Tesla.
The device weighs is 15 kilos, is fast charging and has a unique fire extinguishing system.
“Charging time from Tesla is 40 minutes to 80%, we charge the battery in 12 minutes to 80%. Full charge duration is about 75 minutes for Tesla, and we have 20 minutes in it” – inventor says.
“Attention is alsopaid to the fire extinguishing systems – such are not present in any electronics car, “- stated 44-years-old engineer.
Oleksandr Tsychmystro has been engaged in the invention of the rechargeable battery for electric cars for the last three years. He has already patented an experimental model and is now filing a patent for the invention itself.
The inventor has specified that he used two elements of Tesla in his device. Other components was made by ten Kharkiv enterprises.
Unlike imported ones, this rechargeable battery is twice as cheap. In order to establish industrial production, investments in equipment in amount of 2-3 million USD are needed.
Kharkiv engineer has already started negotiations with Chinese and European companies on this issue.


Image credits: inforesist.

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