Inaccuracies about today’s battle in the war zone in eastern Ukraine

“I see in the media inaccuracies about today’s battle- supposedly we liberated the village of Novolaspa” – volunteer Olena Bilozerska reports.

”Unfortunately, this is some kind of mistake; we did not even enter there. The battle was in the village of Bila Kamyanka. At first, the enemy attacked positions of the 72 Brigade in the area of Starohnativka; a battle ensued. Our side retreated a little, then reinforcements of soldiers arrived from the Armed Forces and the DUC Right Sector ЗСУ і ДУК ПС. With a joint effort we pushed away the enemy and entered Bila Kamyanka, but because of the inequality in the forces (a large number of armored vehicles came up to them), we could not fix the position, and all returned to the situation of yesterday. Unless, on the left flank, possibly, the territory under the control of Ukraine was slightly increased, taking over what the opponent previously controlled.

Dead: 7 soldiers, according to updated data: 3 from the Right Sector Volunteer battalion and 4 from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Wounded: 5 from the Right Sector Volunteer battalion and 6 from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

EMPR, Olena Wawryshyn contributed to this publication


Ця стаття також доступна українською мовою.



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