Does the United States “military assistance” really help Ukraine?

military assistance to Ukraine most large-scale support was from the United States medical equipment devices for demining the area night-vision devices and thermal imaging cameras bulletproof vests and Kevlar helmets boats with rigid hull Armed Forces of Ukraine

Starting from 2014, 18 countries were providing military assistance to Ukraine, the Public Relations Office of the Defense Ministry reports.

Military assistance covered material, logistical and humanitarian needs and were provided by USA, Canada, Poland, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Turkey, Slovakia, Norway, France Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Albania, Lithuania, Switzerland, Latvia and Denmark. If we are talking about the monetary value, the assistance of all these countries to the Ukrainian army was more than 164 million dollars.
According to Defense Ministry data, the most large-scale support was from the United States. Among sent to Ukraine were multiple integrated laser engagement system MILES (product intended for training soldiers in training battle – laser shooting), Harris radios, medical equipment, devices for demining the area, night-vision devices and thermal imaging cameras, bulletproof vests and Kevlar helmets, boats with rigid hull WILLARD (This project was promoted for the Ukrainian Navy in 2007 in Sevastopol. «Willard Marine» corporation, which will visit the ships of the Naval Forces of Ukraine and explore the possibility of installation of the inflatable boats with a hard body.»), as well as counter-battery radars for combat (in fact, to monitor the ceasefire!), road vehicles such as the HMMWV, uniforms and rations.
The total cost of the equipment, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine received from the United States, is more than 117.5 million Dollars. Ukraine received the party of drones (old-fashioned) at 12 million dollars – at a price above the market from the US. Ukraine is the last recipient of this equipment and it is not manufactured anymore.

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EMPR, Maria Nesheva conributed to this publication
Full article in Ukrainian is available here.
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