NO to pro-Russian opposition block in Severodonetsk

EMPR: Today, the city of Severodonetsk, which has temporarily become regional centre instead of Luhansk, residents held a meeting against pro-Russian Opposition block, which is comprised mainly of former members of Yanukovych’s “Party of Regions

EMPR Severodonetsk-23.10-5

It’s much more difficult to make a stand in the regions, where grip of Russian influence and propaganda is rather strong, and where the front is really close.
EMPR Severodonetsk-23.10-6
But still people are not afraid to stand against dishonest election campaign, provision of false information and bribery of voters. These are the people, who create a stronghold preventing establishing of pro-Putin majority in Ukraine’s Parliament.

EMPR Severodonetsk-23.10-2


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