NSC news & analysis center briefing at 12:30 February 11, 2016: highlights

February 11, 2016 | 17:10

Image from mediarnbo.org

Image from mediarnbo.org

News & Analysis Center of the National Security Council of Ukraine presents the latest Ukraine war updates on February 11, 2016 at its daily briefing.


(1) Luhansk direction: situation was calm on this direction over the last 24 hours;


(2) Donetsk direction: situation remains tense in this direction; the enemy used forbidden 82-mm mortars 9 times against Ukrainian armed forces; Russian forces fired upon Ukrainian position all along the frontline from Troyitske to Pysky; the hottest combats took place in Zaytske and Mayorsk;


(3) Mariupol direction: combats continue, but without the use of 82-mm mortars; the enemy violated ceasefire regime several times in various settlements; Russian armed forces shellings took place in Maryinka, Starognatyvka and Shyrokyno;


(4) 3 Russian UAVs over the eastern Ukraine (1 near Zolote, Luhansk Oblast and 2 more near Mariupol and Sartana) were spotted during the last 24 hours;


(5) 1 Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action and 3 servicemen were wounded in action over the last day.






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