NSC news & analysis center briefing at 12:30 February 3, 2015: highlights

News & Analysis Center of the National Security Council of Ukraine daily briefing at 12:30 February 3,2015. 

(1) Combats between ATO forces and terrorists in Debaltseve area don’t stop over the last day. Despite terrorists’ attempt to seize territory around the city remains under the Ukrainian forces control;

(3) Terrorists failed to seize Ukrainian checkpoints near the settlements of Shumy, Sanzharyvka, Komuna, Rydkodub, Stanytsya Lyhanska, Chornukhyne, and Fashchyvka;

(3) The enemy has huge losses among so-called DPR, LPR, cossacs, russian militants, and russian servicemen in the area of Popasna, Debaltseve, and Vuglegyrsk;

(4) 5 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 27 injured over the last 24 hours;

(5) As result of the militants’ shelling, no gas supply in the areas of Chornukhyne (Popasny ragon), Kryakyvka, Sokylnyky, Tryikhyzbenka, (Novoaydaryvsky ragon), Valuyske, Krymske, Adryanopil, Schastya. and Popasna.



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