NSC news & analysis center briefing at 12:30 June 1, 2015: highlights

News & Analysis Center of the National Security Council of Ukraine presents the latest updates from the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine on June 1, 2015 at its daily briefing.

(1) Mariupol direction: combats continue near the village of Shyrokyne;

(2) Donetsk direction: Ukrainian forces positions near Pisky and Opytne were shelled by the enemy. Combats between Ukrainian army and militants took place near the villages of Slavne and Mykolaivka. Particularly, battles continue near the villages of Pisky, Avdiyevka, Maryinka and near the city of Horlyvka. Militants’ shelled with heavy artilery at the residential area in Kyrove and Svitlodarsk, near Horlyvka;  

(3) Luhansk direction: Militants intensify their attack on Ukrainian armed forces positions in to localities – the villages of Schastya and Solote;

(4) Over the last 24 hours 18 enemy’s UAV’s were spotted over the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine;

(5) 3 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 4 were wounded over the last 24 hours; In addition, 2 Ukrainian soldiers got to the enemy’s captivity near Maryinka;



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