NSC news & analysis center briefing at 12:30 May 25, 2015: highlights

News & Analysis Center of the National Security Council of Ukraine presents the latest updates from the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine on May 25, 2015 at its daily briefing.

(1) Yesterday’s afternoon Mariupol direction (town of Shyrokyne) was shelled by the enemy. Militants used 122 mm fire-guns and mine-throwers;

(2) Donetsk suburbans near villages of Maryynka, Hranytne, Kamianka and Verkhnyotoretkse were shelled by the militants with the tanks and fire-guns. To remind, last two settlements controlled by Pro-Russian militants;

(3) It worth mention, that ceasefire regime was not violated near villages of Horlyvka and Svytlodarsk;

(4) Militants near by the river of Severny Donets shelled with heavy artillery at Ukrainian settlements of Schastya and Stanytsya Luhanska. As results residential houses and infrastructure destroyed there;

(5) 16 Russian UAVs were spotted in the sky above the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. One more Russian UAV flew along the Russian-Ukrainian border;

(6) Over the last 24 hours 1 Ukrainian soldier was killed and 5 were wounded. Most casualties near south town of Shyrokyne;

(7) Intensive drills of Ukrainian tank troopers go on in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast,

(8) 264 Ukrainian soldiers were awared a medal “For Courage” from the President Petro Poroshenko. Most of them lost their lives in battles for Donetsk airport and Debaltseve;

(9) Ukrainain soldiers delivered medicine and other humanitaria aid to Artemyvsk hospital for soldiers as well as for civilians;

(10) Two passangers detained on Route Donetsk-Olgynka by border guards for 1,000 copies of anti-Ukrainian propaganda leaflets & papers.


EMPR, Dutcho contributed to this publication.


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