NSC news & analysis center briefing at 12:30 May 29, 2015: highlights

News & Analysis Center of the National Security Council of Ukraine presents the latest updates from the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine on May 29, 2015 at its daily briefing.

(1) Mariupil direction: the situation near the village of Shyrokine remains unstable. During the second half of the day Ukrainian positions got under fire. Ukrainian soldiers were forced to fire in response. No facts of heavy artillery usage along this defensive line; 

(2) Donetsk direction was the hottest place. Combats near the airport has been resumed. The enemy used 120 mm mine-throwers and 122 mm guns. Situation in the village of Maryinka and at the suburbs was tense. Ukrainian positions near the village of Berezove were shelled by the emeny with the use of ‘GRAD’ missiles. At the same time, militants used fire against civilians in the village of Hranitne;

(3) At the Horlivka suburbs militants used fire-arms, and grenade-guns near the village of Kirove;

(4) Luhansk direction: situation is getting better – enemy’s activity reduced. At this defensive line the battles occurred near the villages of Zolote, Triokhizbenka, at the city of Schastya and Stanitsa Luhanska. Militants fired with grenade-guns, but due to effective defense and fire responses, Ukrainian soldiers have no loss at this line of defense;

(5) Over the last 24 hours 4 enemy’s UAV`s were spotted over the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine;

(6) 1 Ukrainian soldier was killed and 8 got wounded over the last 24 hours in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. The main losses was spotted near the Donetsk airport;

(7) As a result of mine-thrower bombings near the village of Opytne, 1 volunteer was killed;

(8) Ukrainian soldiers prevented terroristic act in Luhansk Oblast;

(9) Yesterday Ukrainian counter-intelligence succeed to avoid a terroristic act near the Pension fund HQ in Stanitsa Luhanska, which was planned to reach a lot of victims among civilians during the peaceful rally;

(11) Ukranian military vehicle hit a mine near the village of Krymske. 2 Ukrainian soldiers got wounded.


EMPR, Dutcho contributed to this publication

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