OSCE SMM spots DPR trucks with Grad ammunition in Donetsk Oblast

3 February, near “DPR”-controlled Makiivka OSCE SMM to Ukraine spotted 21 military trucks transporting Grad ammunition, OSCE SMM report as of 4 February 2015 says.

“At the eastern outskirts of “DPR”-controlled Makiivka (10km east of Donetsk), the SMM observed 21 green military-type trucks. Twenty of them were marked with DK number plates (plates issued by the “DPR ministry of defense”) and were witnessed driving in a western direction. Some of the trucks were covered; on the uncovered trucks the SMM could see ammunition boxes (Grad). In addition, two military fuel trucks with DK number plates were spotted heading east from the point of observation”, – the report informs.

Apart from this, 2 kilometres south of “DPR”-controlled Rozsypne (80km east of Donetsk), the SMM observed 3 Ural military trucks each mounted with Multi Launch Rocket Systems.

Read the full report here.




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