Putin’s call-up for military people in reserve is a serious threat to Ukraine

Russia President Vladimir Putin has signed an order concerning a call-up for military training in 2021 for those citizens who are in the military reserve.

Russian Federation Government and Executive authorities are responsible for the implementation of the order concerning the call-up of the citizens in reserve to military training and execution of the training. 

Call-up for military training in Russia Federation Military forces and Federal Security Service in 2021 for those citizens of Russia who are currently in reserve”.

Many Ukrainian journalists and politicians state that this step is a direct threat to Ukraine. Butusov, Chief editor Censor.Net says: “Russia continues strategic forces rollout, and I think no one, except a group of  “freaks” on Bankovaya street (the street where President Office is located), doubts that this is another straight/uncovered threat to Ukraine”. 

This call-up for people in reserve is another serious step from the Russian side against Ukraine and this step is not less dangerous than the recent Russian Military force’s relocation from the East to Ukrainian borders. To remind, more than 10,000 military persons were involved in the training as well as  1,200 units of military weapon and equipment, more than 40 military ships, and 20 ships of support. Despite the fact that the main stage of military training of the forces of the South Military Region and Airborne troops of the Russian Federation is accomplished on April 22 and starting April 23 military forces are returning to their permanent dislocation (according to the Russian Ministry of Defence  Sergey Shoigu), the threat is not going away. Relocation of the permanent forces back to Ukrainian borders can be done quickly and with minimum effort. The group of landed forces includes 130,000 military people – which is relatively small. The call-up for people in reserve is another “game” – it can create a massive pool of military forces for the big war. This does not mean, that Russia will attack Ukraine immediately. Russia continues creating pressure and it executes mobilization training in order to be ready to attack at a certain moment. This massive mobilization can possibly serve as a cover-up for a less-scaled military operation or series of operations in Donbas.  This is where the real threat lies. This is the reason why Putin executes maneuvers of different scales and types.  War remains the main instrument of Putin in Ukraine’s relationships. Peace is not foreseeable in the coming future. Ukraine has to be prepared for the war: unfortunately, Ukraine is not taking military maneuvres such as Russian ones. Butusov sounds sarcastic saying:” It looks like  Office of President is going to beat an enemy with press releases…”. 

Prepared by Liza Tuka for EMPR

Source: ukrpravda

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