Residents of Melitopol allowed the one evacuation route – to the occupied Crimea

The russian forces allowed the one way of evacuation from occupied Melitopol – toward Crimea. here are about 70-75 thousand inhabitants in Melitopol.

Occupying troops do not allow people to leave other way.

Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov reported about this during the United News telethon. 

“According to my estimates, about 70-75 thousand people remain in the town. The occupiers do everything to keep people inside.  In normal life it takes 1 hour to get from Zaporizhzhia to Melitopol.In my opinion, in wartime it is 4 hours, but now it takes 2 days. The occupiers deliberately detain everyone not to let people out, and, thus, occupy the town,” he said.

Russian soldiers also block unofficial green corridors. You can only go to the annexed peninsula. 

“Everyone is sent only to the Crimea. They say that you can get there without any problems, but our people do not want to go to the Crimea,” the mayor added.



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