Resolution on lethal defensive aid to Ukraine passes US Senate unanimously

Senator Ron Johnson’s resolution (S. Res. 72) calling on Barack Obama to prioritize and expedite the provision of defensive lethal aid to Ukraine and condemning attacks by Russian-backed rebels on civilians in Mariupol passed the Senate unanimously on Tuesday, senator’s website reports.

“It is absolutely necessary that President Obama prioritize and expedite the provision of defensive lethal and non-lethal military assistance to Ukraine in light of the January attacks by Russian-backed rebels on the civilian population in Mariupol. I am pleased that Ranking Member Shaheen and I could work together to bring about bipartisan agreement on this in the Senate. The administration should now respond, providing Ukraine with what they desperately need”, Senator Johnos said after the resolution was passed.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addressed a joint session of Congress on 18 September 2014 and asjed the United States for the aid, including military one. Poroshenko stressed Ukraine desperately needs more military equipment, both lethal and non-lethal. Poroshenko said that blankets and night-vision goggles are important, “but one cannot win the war with blankets. Even more, we cannot keep the peace with a blanket.”

Now it is for President Obama to decide.

EMPR, Aleksandra Demskaya contributed to this publication.



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