Right Sector, criminals and turncoats in uniforms: A confrontation in Mukacheve

People’s patience is not endless. The loss of Crimea, the war in the east, the confusion and disorder among the high ranking members of the armed forces, the inept and slow reforms, the increased poverty against a backdrop of sabotage and counterrevolution, all of it has stunned the public, bringing people to the edge. People are angry. We have a situation where a tiny ember can set off a fire that will sweep across the country.

It seems our officials at all levels of government do not want to see or understand what is happening. Because how else can today’s events in Mukacheve be explained? How can it be explained that the police and the special agents are on the side of the bandits? Do bandits stop being bandits when they are appointed to government positions? The fact that in Transcarpathia the land has been divvied up among several oligarchic clans endowed with immunity because they are deputies in parliament or relatives of high-ranking officials is known by any resident of the region. The lords build their mini-empires to their liking on land they have occupied and they do not hesitate to dip their hands into racketeering, dealing drugs, money laundering, etc.

It is clear that curtailing their illegal businesses is not in their plans, nor is the disassembly of their networks. And then out of nowhere the Right Sector with the support of fighters from the reserve battalion DUK appeared and started to dismantle the mafia networks. As long as they limited themselves to single strikes the local bosses clenched their teeth and tolerated the Right Sector. Those bosses were probably still in a state of shock after the Maidan. But the more the guys from Right Sektor did, the more power and recognition they got, the more the neo-feudalist lords, like the godfather of Medvedchuk, Mykhailo Lanio, blocked the Right Sector. Among criminals Lanio was known as “Bliuk” prior to his success in politics. “Bliuk” was convicted under Article 117 of the Criminal Code for rape, drugs, and being an accessory to murder. Today he is firmly enthroned in the political world, so firmly, that neither the Maidan nor public anger nor blood nor tears and not even the war can dethrone him.

But the Right Sector has begun the dethroning. Lanio’s bodyguards from the “law enforcement agency” in Mukacheve began calling and threatening the leader of Right Sektor, the commander, and the headquarters. The guys held up well – many of them are veterans of the war in the east. But they underestimated the local police. The entire police force is so corrupt that they are a de facto police force of the criminal gangs.

The bandits called out the guys from Right Sektor to meet them and when they arrived immediately the police surrounded the Right Sector. Knowing how the blockade would end (many patriots have been thrown into prison already) the guys started breaking through trying to get away. Shots were fired. Two of our compatriots from Right Sektor were killed. In the end the Right Sector unit did manage to break through and got away.

Right Sector headquarters have been informed about what happened. The commander’s voice over the phone sounded like he was wounded. The connection was interrupted several times. From the conversation it became clear that the police opened fire first and the guys refused to surrender to the police.
Part of the phone conversation was recorded. The entire Right Sector is on alert. The reserve units are picketing the Interior Ministry offices in their cities. The Presidential Administration building in Kyiv is being picketed. Our comrades from the armed forces are calling us with their support as are the volunteers who tell us they will support us no matter what. We asked our compatriots to have faith in us.
The standoff continues. We’ve received alarming calls from the army guys that the brigades have been placed on alert. The blockposts along the roads have been reinforced. The media is spinning a story about a criminal group. And at the place where the events took place by some odd coincidence the separatist television stations have suddenly appeared.

Original article in Ukrainian is available on sectorpravdy.com.

EMPR, O. R. contributed to this publication

UPD: This morning the Right Sector leader MP Dmytro Yarosh arrived to Mukacheve. He calls to dismiss law enforcement heads of Zakarpatska region, current Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, arrest current MP Mykhailo Lanio, and Putin’s great friend Viktor Medvedchuk. Yarosh also calls to continue timeless rallies all over Ukraine with demand of justice for Mukacheve case.

Video Credits to: Mustafa Nayyem


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