Russia deploys antiaircraft missile battalion to Donbas

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Russia deploys antiaircraft missile battalion to Donbas, the war zone in eastern Ukraine, representative of the Main Ukrainian Intelligence Department Vadym Skibitsky says.

Antiaircraft missile battalion has been trained in Rostov Oblast (Russian Federation). Approptiated cover documentation as well as a legend for crossing Russia – Ukraine border and entering Ukrainian territory, which is currently occupied by the Russian hybrid forces, have been prepared, Mr. Skibitsky admits.

Such a practice is applied on the regular basis from the beginning of the Russian intervention into Ukrainian territory on Spring 2014.

According to Vadym Skibidsky, mentioned Russian antiaircraft missile battalion includes 168 soldiers, 21 units of military equipment and 30 trucks.

”We sees is as a growing threat of air terrorism” – Mr. Skibitskiy admits. ”Such division is armed with a modern complexes of air defense” – Vadym Skibitsky says.

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