Russia – Ukraine war updates: daily briefings as of January 18, 2019

Russia – Ukraine war updates from the war zone in southeast Ukraine as of January 18, 2019 by Joint forces operation HQ data: EMPR highlights.

(1) Russian hybrid forces increased number of attacks to 13 in the war zone in easrtern Ukraine for the past 24 hours.

(2) Type of weaponry used by the Russian proxies during attacks of Ukrainian troops positions in the north area (by settlements) are as follows:

forbidden mortar launchers of 82-mm caliber – in Krymke;

anti-tank missile complex – in Pyvdenne;

automatic grenade launchers – in Pyvdenne;

high caliber machine guns – in Pyvdenne;

small arms – in Pivdenne, Krymske.

(3) Type of weaponry used by the Russian forces against Ukrainian troops in the east area (by settlements):

automatic grenade launchers – in Pysky (5 times), near Slavne;

grenade launchers – near Vodyane, in Opytne and Slavne;

high caliber machine guns – in Pysky (5 times), near Krasnogoryvka and Opytne;

small arms – in Pysky (5 times), in Nevelske (2 times), near Vodyane, near Krasnogoryvka.

(4) Russian hybris forces losses over the last day are as follows: 3 killed.

(5) No lethal casualties reported, but 1 Ukrainian serviceman was wounded in action for the past day.


Source: JFO HQ briefing

Image credits: JFO HQ

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