Russian hard weaponry and manpower amassed on Ukraine border

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About 80,000 Russian soldiers, thousands of artillery systems and tanks amassed on Ukrainian border waiting for Kremlin order.

Ukraine’s Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak believes that Russia is not going to halt the aggression on the temporarily occupied Donbas.
Active preparations for armed provocations in the temporarily occupied Donbas are being performed by Russian Federation.
“According to our information, Russia is not going to seize the deadly provocations in eastern Ukraine,” said Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak. According to him, there is a real possibility of the conflict on the Donbass to transform into the full-scale aggression of the Kremlin.
“On the Ukrainian border, Russia concentrated 19 battalion tactical groups of the first and second echelons, closing to more than 77 thousand men strong, the group consists of about one thousand tanks, 2 to 3 thousand military trucks, more than 1100 artillery systems, and about 400 volley fire systems “, – informed the head of the MoD. As a reminder, our network got a footage from the Rostov region, it uncovered a huge number of Russian tanks amassed in a close proximity to the border with Ukraine. Previously, the [Ukrainian] intelligence video-recorded the crossing of the [Rus-Ukr] border by the Russian special covert forces, the so-called “they-are-not-there troops”, aka “little green men”, and by the trucks with special equipment, moving from Rostov to the Donbass.


Image credits: Reuters.
Source: politinfo.
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