Russian proxies heavy shelling of Ukrainian village of Novoluhanske outcomes

Heavy shelling of Ukrainian village of Novoluhanske by Russian proxies last everning affecting 2,000 residents with reports of civilian casualties, ATO HQ reports.

Russian proxies fired with forbidden BM-21 GRAD upon the residential areas of the village of Novoluhanske in eastern Ukraine, near Horlivka last evening.
Several hours of shelling resulted injury to 8 civilians and damages to 47 residential houses. Besides mentioned, Russian shells hit a secondary school, kindergarden and local outpatient clinic.
Half of the village is currently without electricity as of damage to power lines as well as of partially damaged of a gas pipeline.
Military medics, soldiers, rescue workers and police officers carried out a series of priority measures to evacuate the wounded and injured civilians. Humanitarian headquarters, military field kitchens as well as heating stations operates from the early morning in the village.
Demining team will work in the village and its outskirts from the early morning as of the high probability of a threat to the civilian population from unexploded missiles.


Image credits: ATO HQ FB.
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