Terrorists fulfilled a series of attacks on Ukrainian forces

Dmitriy Tymchuk reports that over the past few hoursa series of Attacks on Ukrainian ATO Forces were fulfilled by terrorists in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.

1. Position of Ukrainian forces on the mountain Karachun, near Sloviansk was shelled with mortars by terrorists. No casualties among ukrainian forces.

2. Convoy of ATO maintenance in Donetsk oblast was attacked from an ambush. 3 ukrainian soldiers were wounded.

3. ATO forces was attacked by terrorists near Krasniy Luch, Krasnolimansky rayon, Donetsk oblast. One ukrainian soldier was killed.

4. The ATO reconnaissance group was attacked byterrorists in Luhansk oblast. 2 Ukrainian soldiers wounded.

5. Ukrainian APC was detonated at landmine near border crossing point “Dolzhanskiy”. 3 ukrainian soldiers were wounded.


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