The Russian army has sustained well over 48,000 casualties

According to available information as of the morning of March 7, 2022, the sanitary losses of the Russian invaders exceeded 36 thousand people. The casualties include about 11.5 thousand killed, Sprotyv reports.

Thus, the total losses of the Russian occupation troops exceed 47-48 thousand people.

In the cities of Belarus and Russia, which are the main hospital nodes, there is an acute shortage of medicines and all groups of drugs. There is also an acute shortage of blood, plasma and Albumin, both 10% and 5%.

A large group of Russian doctors from burn centers sent to Belarus last week has been working in Belarus. Besides, doctors from the capital have been partially moved to Rostov and Belgorod regions.

A decrease in the level of hostilities has allowed field hospitals to reach an acceptable capacity of 1,000 wounded per day. However, there remains a high percentage of relapses and mortality among seriously injured persons who have been treated for a week or more.



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