The West is flirting with the Kremlin

the west is flirting with the kremlin former spokesperson for right sector boryslav bereza un secretary-general ban ki-moon pace session rurope russian federation annexed crimea russian armed forces involved war in donbass

The latest opinion from Ukraine about current state of deal by Ukrainian member of Parliament and a former spokesperson for Right Sector Boryslav Bereza for

Today UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed the PACE session. What can I say? His speech was grand, smooth, diplomatic and bland. The migration challenge was highlighted and an appeal was made to Europe to be accommodating. Nagorno Karabakh and the escalating violence there were mentioned, as well, but the no mention was made of the fact that it is an occupied territory and according to a UN resolution it must be returned to Azerbaijan. Ukraine was on the agenda, too, and the fact that 6000 people lost their lives within a year was mentioned but no mention was made that the Russian Federation had annexed Crimea and that Russian armed forces are involved in the war in Donbas. Everything that followed was in this spirit of peace and tolerance.
My colleagues noted that any time the military or financial contribution of the Kremlin has any connection to an issue it is neatly avoided not to irritate the Kremlin leadership and sometimes the issue is completely ignored. Not once was the fact that Russia is keeping Ukrainian citizens hostage mentioned in the speech, nor the fact that Russia is financing and supplying the terrorists in eastern Ukraine. The fact that even in public statements Russia lies blatantly was not addressed either.
The world community still does not realize how dangerous this position is. The common perception is that Russia merely wants to partition Ukraine and to return Ukraine and its political elite into its sphere of influence. But in reality we can see the Russian Federation actively pursuing the breakup of the European Union. Russia is losing in the race for survival. The last resort for Russia in this competition with the West is bringing into play bribery and all manner of intrigues. Losing for the Kremlin would be a replay of the fate of the USSR: a total collapse of the system and a total collapse of the state.
Yet again the West is slipping into the mode of “deep concern” and “increased alarm.” Yet again the West is trying to appease the Kremlin dictator. Much help is provided by the lobbyists, the Russian money, the narrow-minded western politicians and the total incompetence of the Ukrainian officials. As Ukrainians chuckle about Yanukovych and his ostriches, the rest of the world is reading the BBC interview in which what is happening in Ukraine is described as a “civil war.” “Civil war.” And it hasn’t entered Minister Klimkin’s mind that as the person who represents the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine he must react to the statement. But then, Minister Stets and his efforts in fighting the information war doesn’t have any victories to boast about, either.
Why am I telling you all this? Because I am tired of pointing out to our government officials that we have a toothless diplomacy; that our information policy lacks initiative; that there is no strategy. So what, then, do we have? We have hero-patriots who are ready to give their lives fighting for a sovereign Ukraine; we have the volunteers who are doing what the government should be doing, and we have journalists who are doing what the law enforcement agencies should be doing – exposing corruption schemes. And we have deputies, 5% of the deputies, who are working hard to build a new Ukraine.
So tell me, where is the state leadership in all this? What efforts have they made to improve our lives? Where is a strategy, what are the tactics? We have to realize that we are not independent players, we are still part of a big game. Not because we are incapable of independent action but because we are not doing anything to change our status. We’re not even trying to make the most of our opportunities. We are not lining up alternative partnerships with China or with the Arab countries.
And this in spite of the fact that we have immense potential in the agricultural sector and consider these countries as a powerful source both as potential buyers of our raw materials and as a resource. And that is a great starting position for negotiations. We still have not succeeded in building normal relations with our western partners. They are tired of waiting for us to embrace the pan-European values. They do not understand why the reforms are not taking place, why corruption is not being taken on, why Ukrainians talk a lot and do so little. And who represents our interests in the West when we don’t even have ambassadors in many countries? Even in the United States, in the country that is our chief strategic partner, there is no Ukrainian ambassador.
The West is demonstrating their attitude toward Ukraine quite clearly. Seeing the nonobservance of commitments and the lack of reforms our western partners are losing faith in us and are starting to flirt with Russia. Ukraine is showing no interest in developing relations with alternative allies. Currently no financial aid is forthcoming and most likely none will be coming before fall. Whether it will arrive in the fall depends on many factors. In general it looks like life cannot continue as it is. The Europeans are making it abundantly clear that if they do not see any qualitative reforms in the near future our partnership will be over. Thereafter only be words will be offered.
Gentlemen! Stop talking! Start doing what you have been talking about. Only then will we be able to improve our situation. Otherwise… there is no otherwise. There are no other ways. Keep the promises you had made and start working, do what you had declared you would do in the coalition agreement and in the policies and proposals. Otherwise be ready to end your careers in oblivion.

EMPR, O. R. contributed to this publication
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