Ukraine war updates: daily briefing as of February 18, 2016


February 18, 2016 | 15:15

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Ukraine war updates on February 18, 2016 by the Presidential Administration spokeman on ATO issues  daily briefing: EMPR highlights 


(1) Lugansk direction: the enemy violeated ceasefire regime near Tryokhizbenka firing during 1 hour from small arms;
(2) Donetsk direction: combats continue near Horlivka and Donetsk; the nemy occasionally used heavy arms and 122-mm artilery; Russian snipers have intensified their activities all along the front line;
(3) Mariupol direction: strong mortar shelling took place near Krasnogoryvka and Maryinka; also ‘a snipers war’ continues there; the village of Chermalyk was shelled with mortar fire yesterday;
(4) 3 Russian UAVs (2 on Mariupol direction, 1 in Luhansk Oblast) were spotted over the eastern Ukraine during the last day;
(5) 1 Ukrainian serviceman KIA and 3 WIA in the war zone in eastern Ukraine over the last 24 hours;
(6) Number of Russian troops in occupied Donbas increased: 2 squadrons of Russian servicemen arrived to Antratsyt and weaponry and food supply have been transported to the village of Mykhaylyvka and city of Khartsyzsk;
(7) Ukrainian intelligence service received info on Russian armed forces losses in the warfare in eastern Ukraine: 5 Russian soldiers were KIA and 2 WIA at Svitlodarska line. Those people must be served in Kostroma, Russia, which is 1000 km far from eastern Ukraine;
(8) Ukrainian servicemen of the National Guards Units participated in training programme which is based on NATO standards.



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