Ukraine war updates: daily briefing as of February 19, 2016


February 19, 2016 | 13:35

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Ukraine war updates on February 19, 2016 by the Presidential Administration spokeman on ATO issues  daily briefing: EMPR highlights.


(1) Lugansk direction: the enemy violeated ceasefire regime once near Popasna over the lat day; they fired from mortar launcher, grenade launcher and small arms;
(2) Donetsk direction: Russian forces activity decreased; the enemy continued shelling all along the front line, but without the use of heavy and forbidden arms; the largest number of shelling took place in Luhanske, Novgorodsk, Zaytseve, and Pisky;
(3) Mariupol direction: Maryinka front line was the epicenter of Russian forces’s attacks yesterday; the enemy fulfilled massive attcks from small arms, grenade launchers with episodically use of armored vehicles, anti-aircraft guns and mortars; combats duration between Russian and Ukrainian forces was about 7 hours;  the enemy fired several times in Starognatyvka and Chermalyk;
(4) 4 Russian UAVs were spotted over the Mariupol direction during the last day;
(5) No lethal casualties among Ukrainian serviceman, but 1 WIA during combats in Maryinka over the last 24 hours;
(6) Ukrainian intelligence service informed that Russia continues supply its troops in eastern Ukraine, i.e. in Horlyvka, Schastya, the village of Metalyst and Vergulyvka with men force, weaponry, military equipment, trucks and provisions;
(8) Ukrainian Security Service detained 2 Russian proxies in Luhansk Oblast, eastern Ukraine.


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