Ukrainian checkpoints in Luhansk oblast under Russian fire

Heavy attack reported on 29th and 31th Ukrainian block posts north of Lugansk by Russian tanks and infantry. Volunteers, witnesses and commanders report about tense situation for Ukrainian servicemen there. Luhansk.

Volunteers from Severodonetsk report on killed and wounded Ukrainian soldiers at the 31th checkpoint. Marina Gulyaeva writes that Ukrainian soldiers were shelled by Russian artillery, many servicemen got wounded and need reinforcement from the Ukrainian armed forces. There is also info that Russian tanks are moving toward the block post.

Commander of Donbas Volunteer Battalion Semen Semenchenko also reports about combats between Ukrainian and Russian forces at 29th and 31th checkpoints in Luhansk oblast. He says, that Russian forces start artillery shelling this morning which continued over 6 hours and caused demages to the 31th checkpoint. There are many injured Ukrainian soldiers, no info about dead so far. Commander admitted that Russian forces have entered the village of Zholobok. Several units of enemy’s heavy equipment were demolished by Ukrainian forces. Semen added, that combats between Russian forces and defenders of 29th and 31th checkpoints continue. There is a real threat for both checkpoints. Donbas Volunteer Battalion, National Guard units and Ukrainian Airforce are on combat alert.  

Later on, Eugene Shevchenko confirmed that Russian forces entered village of Zhelobok and Ukrainian servicemen of 24 brigade got heavy losses as result of shelling and were forced to leave 31th checkpoint. Now combat is on 29th Ukrainian checkpoint.

At last, 24TV channel confirmed that 31th checkpoint had been demolished by the Russian forces.



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