Ukrainian military deliver aid from all over Ukraine to Avdiivka near Donetsk

Two weeks ago, Ukrainian servicemen started providing humanitarian aid collected by ordinary people all over Ukraine to Avdiivka – a hot spot in 22km from Donetsk.

empr-Avdiivka-mapEvery day, explosions are heard in the long-suffering city. Suppliers don’t want to take risks and deliver products to the town, the infrastructure has been breaking down. Russian terrorists block Ukrainian TV channels, spreading Russian propaganda instead. Local residents feel angry, desperate and completely distrustful. Two weeks ago a group of civilian and military cooperation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces started providing aid collected by ordinary Ukrainians to Avdiivka residents. The situation has improved a lot since then.30.03-empr-Avdiivka– Today, we have again delivered humanitarian aid collected by ordinary people all over Ukraine, – the officer of civil and military cooperation group says. – Volunteers brought fresh bread, food, hygiene products and warm clothes. We talk a lot with local residents during our every new meeting. And the attitude of locals to servicemen has been changing. Truth and good deeds have been outfighting Russian propaganda. Less and less people believe in lies about “punishers”, they trust what they see with their own eyes instead.


Servicemen have also delivered aid to villages near Avdiivka.

– We got used for cars rushing by along our road, because people hasten to leave dangerous spots, – locals tell, – that’s why we’re impressed with Ukrainian servicemen who stopped and talked to us, and gave food to old people, and sweets to children. Someone even cried with emotions.

The head of the group says Ukrainian servicemen plan to expand humanitarian support of Avdiivka and the nearby villages.


Original article can be found on the site of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence.

EMPR, Aleksandra Demskaya contributed to this publication.


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