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EMPR Video Chronicles ”Occupied Crimea”: March 12, 2014

EMPR continues Video Chronicles ”Occupied Crimea.” Discover Russian army criminal actions at the Ukrainian territory – Crimea peninsula as of March 12, 2014.

March 12, 2014. Russian APCs convoy moving through the Kerch ferry to Crimea

Credits to: Ирина Седова

March 12, 2014. Ukrainian military units blocked by Russian army in Crimea. “I felt as if a crystal wall fenced off all the problems, everything that’s been happening…” Famous Belarusian trio “Portmone” performed in Ukrainian military base in Crimea, under siege by Russian armed forces. This concert was made and organised by ArtPole.

Credits to: BABYLON’13

March 12, 2014. Russian APCs convoy in Kerch, Crimea

Credits to: ShepiloFF Y.

Important note: YouTube account which originally published this video was brutally killed by Russian intelligence services. We do hope that account owner is alive and OK. This case proves that information warfare is one of the most crucial issues of the modern hybrid war initiated by Russia to not let the World know the truth about the real events. EMPR expresses gratitude to all brave citizens who did and who continue capturing evidence of Russian invasion into Ukraine.

More video evidences of Russian military intervention in Ukraine’s territory of Crimea is available here.



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