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EMPR continues Video Chronicles ”Occupied Crimea”. Discover Russian army criminal actions at the Ukrainian territory – Crimea peninsula as of March 2, 2014.

March 2, 2014. Ukrainian policemen (headed by the Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs) give ‘green light’ to the Russian military troops or ‘green men’ in Sevastopol, Crimea. 


Credits to: Крымский кризис

Important note: YouTube account which originally published this video was brutally killed by Russian intelligence services. We do hope that account owner is alive and OK. This case proves that information warfare is one of the most crucial issues of the modern hybrid war initiated by Russia to not let the World know the truth about the real events. EMPR expresses gratitude to all the brave citizens who did and who continue capturing evidence of Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

March 2, 2014. Russian ‘green men’ [military troops] leave without electricity Ukrainian Navy HQ in Crimea


Credits to: ТСН

March 2, 2014. Russian ‘green men’ [riot police] have failed to seize Ukrainian military unit in Crimea. Russian riot police forced to leave the territory of the 191th Ukraine MIA unit in Sevastopol. Military trucks on which they attemped to assault the unit have been blocked by the Ukrainian APC, that’s why riot police leave the territoy by feet. Many RU militaries while passing the blockpost say: ‘Please forgive us. We just follow the orders…’


Credits to: Inform Napalm

March 2, 2014. Ukrainian officer prevents an attempt to seize Ukrainian military unit by Russian ‘green men’ [military forces] in Crimea. Russian special forces illegally entered the territory of the 191th military training unit of the Ukrainian Navy with aim to seize weapons at 05:30 a.m. Attempted exportation of arms was successfully prevented as UA APC-80 blocked Russian military truck. Officers became ‘human shield’ around the weponry and did not give the Russian military tow it to the side. Despite the fact that Russian troops was shot twice with a gun in the air, no one Ukrainian military retreated and did not succumb to the provocation of a military scenario. Thus it was possible to reach a compromise: Russian forces left the territory and weaponry accompanied by Ukrainian forces was sent to the 174th base storage of the Ukrainian Navy.


Credits to: Inform Napalm

March 2, 2014. Russian air force helicopters arrive to Crimea.


Credits to: Dahboo777

March 1, 2014. Russian ‘green men’ [military forces] seize Ukrainian Naval Forces HQ in Crimea


Credits to: Kerch.FM


More video evidences of Russian military intervention in Ukraine’s territory of Crimea is available here.



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