Russian rummage was held in the Crimean Tatars houses in Simferopol

Russian security forces conducted searches in the Crimean Tatars houses in Simferopol, public association “Crimean solidarity ” reports.

“Two searches have been conducted on Usadna Street (Markovicha), 34 and Tourists Street, 49,”-  the report says.
According to the public figures, the sisters Khatija Kantemirova and Zera Bazirova live at these addresses.
Russian security service conducted preventive search activities. There was a survey, but the documents mention the decision of the Kiev district court. They did not touch anything themselves. The hosts showed – the staff of the Russian security service watched. The phone and the tablet have been confiscated. The son of one of the women had two visits to Turkey and Belarus earlier, so the staff asked him about that trips. They also tried to find out if he knows the personalities indicated by the staff. They did not leave any copy of the protocol, they told us to come to ttheir office if they needed a paper.
The Russian security service also seized religious literature and said that they would call if necessary. Residents of the house refused to give any commentaries on video.
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Source: sobitiyainfo.

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