Russian ”vacation” in occupied Crimea

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Russian armed forces in occupied Crimea fulfilled active training with the use of heavy arms, Mila Elcha reports.

They are bombing. They are bombing preserved Crimean prairies with eagles’ nests, prairie birds, though so little of them remained, with endemic (rare plants), listed in the Red Book, they are bombing the sea – shelter of dolphins… They train throwing bombs and launching guided and unguided missiles. That is what they needed the Crimea for – territory that does not belong to them. The resort, which they do not care about. They don’t care that the Crimean nature will suffer irreparable damage. They are Russian barbarians, who destroy everything they can reach…
Photo is taken from the network. Here you can see only helicopters. And in the Crimea they bombs also from aircraft).

Mariya Nesheva, EMPR


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