Sniper rifles are purchased for the captured children’s camp Artek

The purchase of weapons is made by the “administration” of the captured children’s camp “Artek” in Crimea. This is reported by the  Association of reintegration of Crimea 

The tender for purchasing rifles was found on the Russian procurement website Synapse. Artek will buy conventional and sniper rifles, air pistols and air rifles, as well as helmets, training weapon and military equipment.

The purchase of weapons is most likely made for the needs of the Russian children’s military organization “Yunarmiya” (“Youth Army”), which has been a mandatory part of the stay of children in Artek. In particular, they teach children weapon skills and conduct “ideological” work. 

It should be noted that Ukraine has submitted evidence of propaganda of children militarization  in the occupied Crimea to the international court. 


Source: dp


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