High season in occupied Crimea: military radars and empty beaches

occupied crimea russia ukraine war

Summer season 2018 in occupied Crimea shows just moslty military radars and empty beaches.

The very middle of a summer on calendar, the height of the holiday season, and occupied Crimea is still waiting for an unprecedented influx of tourists, promised by Russian creators of the Putin bridge in Kerch.
So far, this structure is used only as scenery for clips of Russian pop performers.
occupied crimea russia ukraine war

Image credits: sprotyv.info

Beaches are mostly empty at this time in occupied Crimea.
People were posted on social media photos of Evpatoria and Saky resorts. Before the occupation, these were the most popular resorts, especially for tourists with children.
The realities of the occupation show a completely different, sad picture.
Photo credits: ‎saki-gid.at.ua

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