The Russian invaders overtook cape Fiolent in Crimea

cape fiolent occupied crimea ukraine russia

The Russian invaders overtook yet another symbol of Crimea – cape Fiolent, blogers say.

While the Crimean Tatar intellectual elite reports the systematic destruction of the Khans Palace in Bakhchisarai by the occupants, another famouse symbol of the Ukrainian Crimea, Cape Fiolent, is being under threat.
cape fiolent crimea ukraine russia

Photo credits: informnapalm

“Crimea: Farewell to Phiolent.” The Federal Security Service priests of the Russian Orthodox Church took over a chunk of a beautiful land above the Yashmovsky beach, and began the construction of some kind of solid rioting under the guise of “landscaping,” the blogger said.
Maybe somebody will like it – there are no more tents and tourists who were looking for privacy in Crimea. Everything is going to be civilized, clad in concrete, metal, and asphalt, crosses. Of course, there are new places for worshiping and servile work, as well as for the sales of consecrated magnets and other church utensils. How is it going to be? – nobody knows yet. But this place will never be the way we knew it and loved it – added a blogger.


cape fiolent crimea ukraine russia

Image credits: informnapalm

To remind, Russia occupied Crimea in spring 2014.

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Source: informnapalm
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