Zelenskyy on a large-scale exchange: Both Putin and I did everything we promised

A major 35 to 35 prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia took place on September 7, 2019.

Lists of Ukrainians:

Russia has released 24 sailors captured in November 2018 near Kerch.

1.Roman Mokryak, commander of the Berdyansk small armored artillery boat.

2. Yuriy  Bezyazychnyi, motorist-electrician.

3. Andriy Artemenko, senior signal officer.

4. Andriy Eider, signal gun layer.

5. Bohdan Holovash, graduate of the Institute of Naval Forces.

6. Denys Hrytsenko, commander of the 1st division of naval command roadstead safety ships.

7. Vasyl Soroka, captain, was aboard the Berdyansk small armored artillery boat.

8. Bohdan Nebylytsia, commander of the Nikopol small armored artillery boat.

9. Vyacheslav Zinchenko, signal gun layer.

10. Serhiy Tsybizov, signal gun layer.

11. Serhiy Popov, deputy division commander for the electromechanical unit, chief of the electromechanical service of the 1st division of naval command roadstead safety ships.

12. Vladyslav Kostyshyn, graduate of the Institute of Naval Forces.

13. Andriy Oprysko, motorist-electrician of the Vyshhorod small armored artillery boat.

14. Andriy Drach, captain, was aboard the Nikopol small armored artillery boat.

15. Oleh Melnychuk, commander of the Yani Kapu estuary tug.

16. Mykhailo Vlasyuk, motorist-electrician.

17. Viktor Bespalchenko, gun layer.

18. Volodymyr Tereshchenko, gun layer.

19. Yevhen Semydotskyi, fore topman.

20. Volodymyr Lisovyi, commander of the 31st division of supply vessels.

21. Andriy Shevchenko, chief warrant officer of the division.

22. Volodymyr Varimez, senior radio operator of the Smila training ship, the 31st division of supply vessels.

23. Serhiy Chuliba, commander of the New Kakhovka machinist department, the 31st division of supply vessels.

24. Yuriy Budzylo, commander of the radio engineering platoon, the 21st independent company of Naval Command

There are also political prisoners on the exchange list:

25. Oleg Sentsov

26. Oleksandr Kolchenko

27. Volodymyr Balukh

28. Roman Sushchenko

29. Mykola Karpiuk

30. Stanislav Klykh

31. Pavlo Hryb

32. Yevhen Panov

33. Artur Panov

34. Edem Bekirov

35. Oleksiy Syzonovych

As part of a large-scale exchange, Ukraine will extradite 35 people to Russia: 11 of them have been pardoned; preventive measures have been revoked for 19 persons; two have already been released; one was transferred to the Russian side earlier

1.Volodymyr Tsemakh

2. Kyrylo Vyshynsky

3. Viktor Ageev

4. Oleksandr Baranov

5. Aslan Bashkhanov

6. Olena Bobova

7. Andriy Vaskovsky

8. Ruslan Gadzhiev

9. Volodymyr Galychiy

10. Serhiy Gnatyev

11. Hanna Dubenko

12. Stanislav Yezhov

13. Arkadiy Zhydkykh

14. Igor Kimakovsky

15. Olha Kovalis

16. Serhiy Kovernyk

17. Dmytro Korenovsky

18. Andriy Kostenko

19. Oleksiy Lazarenko

20. Serhiy Lazaryev

21. Yuri Lomako

22. Petro Melnychuk

23. Yevhen Mefedov

24. Maxym Odyntsov

25. Yulia Prosolova

26. Oleksandr Rakushchyin

27. Antonina Rodionova

28. Oleksandr Sattarov

29. Oleksiy Syedikov

30. Taras Synychak

31. Oleksandr Tarasenko

32. Andriy Tretyakov

33. Viktor Fedorov

34. Denys Khytrov

35. Pavlo Chernykh

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declares that his agreements with Russian President Vladimir Putin have been fully implemented by both parties.

“I believe that the first stage has been completed. I, as President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, we did everything we promised and did everything without changing our agreements.

 … The formula was saved. These were our arrangements. At first, we discussed the return of our sailors, but then we began a dialogue. I am very glad that it was our proposal for a different format, which provided for the return of our political prisoners as well.

It was a secret because we knew that not everyone wanted the return,” Zelenskyy said.

President also informed about his telephone conversation with Putin on August 7, during which they agreed on the first stage “to unblock our dialogue and on the first step to stop the war: the release of our servicemen, our hostages, our sailors, our territories.”

According to him, negotiations will continue.


Source: ukrpravda

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