Fake hearings about the National Bank of Ukraine arranged in the basement of the Capitol

The “shadow” group of lobbyists rented a room in the basement of the Capitol for filming fictitious hearings of the American Congress for Ukrainian television, The Daily Beast and The Weekly Standard report.

As noted, the former spokeswoman, Connie Mack, went to Ron Estes office, a young MP who was elected by Mike Pompeo County, when he was appointed to the position of CIA leader. The main purpose of his visit was to book a room in the basement of the U.S. Capitol for an event in the Ukrainian banking sector. Fictitious “hearings” were broadcasted on the NewsOne channel in Ukraine and were described to viewers as the US Congressional Finance Committee.
However, there was not a single member of Congress there. “Shocking details” about “high level of corruption” in the National Bank of Ukraine (hereafter – NBU) were spread through the network, referring to the National Bank of Ukraine, according to the publication.
Among the participants of the event were Deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament Sergiy Taruta, former NBU member Olexandr Zavadetsky, and James Woolsey, former director of CIA under the presidency of Bill Clinton, who also worked as the adviser to President Trump’s campaign. The brochure, which was sent to the participants, was estimated by VoxUkraine as containing “basically correct” data on the NBU, but with “manipulation in almost all cases”. The Esteas office stated that the congressman had nothing to do with the event, and the room was booked “out of courtesy” to Mac for “holding an event to adopt corruption in Ukraine”. The representative also said that from now on, when his office will reserve premises in the Capitol to hold events, Estes will be present in person. Mack is a registered lobbyist on behalf of Interconnection Commerce, which is based in the Virgin Islands and focuses on “identifying corruption in Ukraine”. Except for the mention in Panama Papers, there are no other company’s online tracks.
Sergiy Taruta posted a message on his Facebook page stating that he spoke at the Congress on the issue of corruption at the National Bank. According to the People’s Deputy, the facts cited catched the interest of the former head of CIA, James Woolsey. The press service of the National Bank said that Taruta, spread false information about the National Bank to the United States through lobbyists.


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