Trending Ukraine: Crimean girl Jamala beats Russia at Eurovision 2016

Discover the latest news updates about Ukraine from all over the world. Jamala, the Ukrainian entry, won Eurovision song contest 2016.

Discover the latest updates on Ukraine in trending World News as of May 15, 2016. Ukraine have won Eurovision 2016 with a political serious song about something with intense personal meaning to the singer, Jamala.

Jamala, the Ukrainian entry, won the competition with her personal, dramatic ballad 1944. Speaking with tears in her eyes, 26 year old Maryana Romanyak said: “It’s a miracle and a dream.” (BBC News, Steve Holden)
Russian and Ukrainian media have reacted with astonishment – and a mixture of delight and dismay – to Ukrainian contestant Jamala’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. Many Ukrainian commentators see it as a blow for the rights of Crimean Tatars like Jamala, while Russian social media is full of denunciations of a “politicised” result. (BBS News)
KIEV, Ukraine – Crimean Tatars on Sunday celebrated Ukrainian singer Jamala’s win at Eurovision with a song that sheds light on their horrific deportations to Central Asia under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin but also hints at their recent treatment under Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Associated Press, Dmytro Vlasov)
Ukraine won, with a well-meant dirge about a murdered grandmother. There may have been some Russia-hating in play. Australia or Sweden should have won, but don’t at the moment enjoy such interestingly divisive politics. (The Guardian, Euan Ferguson)
In the run-up to the contest, Russia complained that Ukraine shouldn’t be allowed to sing this particular song, as Eurovision generally bans overtly political songs, not least when they have contemporary resonances like this. (The Telegraph)
“Actually, I really want peace and love to everyone,” Jamala said as she took the stage after winning the award. With tears in her eyes, she then performed the song again. (The New York Times, Christopher D. Shea)

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