World press about Ukraine: July 12, 2022

What writes the world press about the latest events from Ukraine in EMPR digest as of July 12, 2022.

Ukrainian teen says Russian troops held him for 3 months, made him clean prison “torture room”

In Ukraine, the Russian military often kidnaps people in order to intimidate the population. A CBS News correspondent spoke with 16-year-old Vlad, who was held captive by the Russians for almost three months. He was in a prison in occupied territory where Russian soldiers tortured Ukrainian prisoners. Vlad claims that he personally cleaned the torture room and heard the sounds of people screaming for help.

Read more on CBS.

Russian missiles hit Mykolaiv, injuring at least 12, officials say

On July 12, Russia fired missiles at Mykolaiv. As a result, 12 people were wounded and homes and hospitals were damaged. The mayor of the city reports that no people were killed.

Read more on the Washighton Post.

Scotland to pause Ukrainian refugee sponsorship scheme amid lack of homes

To date, 4,666 Ukrainians have come to Scotland under the “super-sponsorship scheme,” and the country is about to accept another 18,000 people. Given that the number of Ukrainians arriving is growing, Scotland will suspend its assistance to Ukrainian refugees for three months. The number of visa applications to Scotland has increased by 21%.

Read more on the Guardian.

The U.N. will investigate the deaths of children in Ukraine

The UN added Ukraine to its annual “Children and Armed Conflict” report. They will investigate the deaths of children in Ukraine due to military action.

The UN agency estimates three children have died every day in Ukraine since the war began.

Read more on the New York Times.

EU grants additional aid of 1 billion euros to Ukraine amid ongoing war

EU finance ministers have approved 1 billion euros in aid for Ukraine because of the country’s economic problems due to the Russian invasion.

The payment is part of an initiative by the European Commission, which in mid-May offered an additional 9 billion euros in aid. According to the Ukrainian government, Ukraine needs 5 billion euros a month to support its economy.

Read more on the Republic.

Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and U.N. meeting on grain set for Wednesday

Military delegations from Turkey, Russia and Ukraine and the UN will hold talks on the delivery of Ukrainian grain on July 13.

As of today, food prices are very high because of the war in Ukraine.

Russia has been stealing grain from territories taken by their troops, but their government does not agree with these accusations.

Read more on the Reuters.


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