Facing the lack of medical masks as of coronavirus spread, Ukraine sold them to Spain

Spanish television showed a story about how they unload medical face masks. The marking proved that they were of Ukrainian production.

It was shown on Spanish RTVE. The personal protective equipment is made by Ukrainian brand Buk.

“Clean air in any conditions,” the box says in Ukrainian.

The story on Spanish television attracted the Ukrainians’ attention, since it is prohibited to export masks from Ukraine due to the world’s raging coronavirus pandemic. The prohibition came into force simultaneously with quarantine in the country.

Maksym Nefyodov, Head of State Customs Service of Ukraine wrote on Facebook that respirators had been delivered lawfully.

The masks were exported on March 2 and 6 and it was a legal shipment of goods, Nefyodov wrote.

The protective equipment arrived in Spain on March 3 and 7. And the Government banned the export of medical supplies and medicines, including respirators, on March 11, 2020.

Documents confirming the legitimacy of the delivery of masks to Spain:

Source: Max Nefyodov’s FB
Source: Max Nefyodov’s FB
Source: Max Nefyodov’s FB
Source: Max Nefyodov’s FB

Nefyodov stresses that the customs are complying with the law.

In particular, following the introduction of the ban, the customs, border guards and law enforcement official sprevented the export o fover 260,000 masks and respirators.

It should be added that it is very difficult to find masks and antiseptics in Ukrainian pharmacies now.

Moreover, social media got viral with Nafyodov explanations as another shoking fact was discovered. 1 mask in Kyiv cots in avarage 95UAH, while the same sort was sold to Spain for 2 UAH.

People buy masks in Ukraine for the price 50 times higher!

Dmytro Hnup, Ukrainian journalist, admited that it is a pity that Max Nefyodov does not understand what made people angry.

The most outraging thing is not whether or not the customs had a legitimate reason to release the goods but the fact that officials have been talking about heroical preparation for fighting the coronavirus for two months.

And about the measures taken. And the masks are exported from Ukraine in wholesale numbers.

The first government coronavirus headquarters was set up by Prime Minister Honcharuk on January 24.

On February 3, this headquarters approved a plan to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine. Don’t ask what they managed to implement. But masks were successfully and legally exported from the country for over a month. And gradually there was a severe shortage in them in Ukraine.

Then, the new PM Shmyhal became head of the government headquarters. And on March 5, he held a large meeting  to counter the spread of the coronavirus. The masks continued to leave Ukraine. And only on March 11, officials banned the export of masks.

Well, we never doubted the ability of any official to cover their ass with a piece of paper at the right time.


Sources: 24tv, Max Nefyodov,


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