How Poroshenko sells Russian cars in Ukraine

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Oleksandr Dubinskyi investigation on how top officials in Ukraine doing business with Russia.

What I like in the patriotism of this power in Ukraine is that under no circumstances does it cease to make business with the occupier, playing a double game, while considering us idiots.
The extent of the lie from the power around the relationship with Russia, the country that attacked us is striking.
They show us sanction lists, block access to Russian social networks, and call for boycotting products with the emblem of the Russian Federation, while they are running a large-scale business with the occupier under cover.
I have already written about Poroshenko’s partner in the BOGDAN corporation Oleg Swinarchuk-Gladkovsky, who is the First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine in a part-time basis, conducts his automotive business in Russia, managing to work actively on the territory of the Crimea occupied by Russia while being a member of the NSDCU.
So what to expect from the President’s partner, if Petro Oleksievych in the matter of cooperation with the Russian occupant himself sets the tone of the right and profitable relations while continuing to actively earn money at the Russian plant in the city of Lipetsk Roshen.
By the way, last year Putin personally confirmed the success and profitability of the Poroshenko’s plant in Lipetsk, naming Petro Poroshenko as an important investor for Russia.

Our Guarantee paid back in his own coin to Vladymyr Putin, and for such warm words, by way of a thank you, began to help his companies make money in Ukraine, while doing it under cover as usual. You don’t believe? Here is a proof for you.
BOGDAN Corporation, whose structural unit is Bogdan Auto Holding, through its HYUNDAI MOTOR UKRAINE company, is a distributor of Hyundai in Ukraine.
So, recently, as part of the so-called cooperation and mutual assistance with the Russian authorities, this company began to import into Ukraine and sell to us the products of the Russian Hunday plant, which was opened in 2010 personally by Putin. According to him, this enterprise is one of the main in the Russian Federation.
That is, the company, the actual owner of which is the President of Ukraine and the First Deputy Secretary of the NSDCU, helps the enterprise of the country with which we fight to earn money in Ukraine and bring them to Russia.
Would you buy this car if you knew it? I don’t think so.
That is why BOGDAN Auto Holding thoroughly conceals the fact that cars are manufactured in Russia, because at the car dealer, cars are under the guise of automobiles manufactured in the Czech Republic and you buy a supposedly pure European car.
Although the marking of the car itself is marked by a plant in the Russian Federation. How can you feel the difference?

I don’t understand why is Petro Poroshenko shy about openly trading in Russian products and also an enterprise that is so important for Putin.
I think that he should in the same way as Putin openly support his colleague calling him an important investor and partner and not to bargain with his product under cover.
It would, at least, be honest to us: “Yes, I’m doing business with Russia, and this is my position!”
So now, dear car enthusiasts, by buying Hyundai cars in Petro Poroshenko’s car dealerships, you help to provide Russia with workplaces and replenish the budget of the country of the aggressor.
And in the coming interviews, who knows, after the results of such successful cooperation, Putin will praise Petro Poroshenko again. It is important for him.


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Original investigation read here.

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