MH17 investigation: An international tribunal is awaiting Russia

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An international tribunal is awaiting Russia. The investigation into the crash of Boeing MH17 has been completed.

The prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands has officially accused Russia of shooting down Boeing MH-17 and killing 298 people on board the plane.
The prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands has revealed the involvement of more than 100 Russian citizens and local mercenaries of Russian special services in downing the plane, writes editor Yuri Butusov.
Today all Russian fakes have been completely debunked. Russia has been found responsible. Ukraine’s rightness has been publicly confirmed. This is a real victory.
Head of the international investigation group Fred Westerbeke said at an official press conference that the investigation of the causes of the MH-17 crash was completed. The Boeing was hit with the missile launched from the Buk anti-aircraft missile system that belonged to the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade of the RF Armed Forces!
There is currently a window of opportunity to not only explain the truth about the Boeing, but also to prove to the whole world that the Russian invasion and war brought the terrible consequences to Ukraine. What’s next? We must continue the legal offensive on the Russian Federation. Although Russia may refuse to recognize something or may create the new fakes, this evidence will form the basis for the verdicts and after appropriate procedures will be executed by courts around the world. In addition to material compensation, Russian war criminals can now be brought to justice! Besides, Ukraine can claim material damages from the Russian Federation. This will be one of the most high-profile trials in the history of war crimes.
On the eve of the World Cup in Russia, the leadership of the Russian Federation and the entire state have been found guilty of the gravest crime, mass murder and terrorism! And how to match this with a sports festival?!
Ukraine is deeply appreciating the efforts of the international investigation team, officers of the Security Service and Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, as well as experts of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise. You have done an excellent job, about which you should feel very proud, and which deserves praise and awards from the state and people of Ukraine.


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