Russia – Ukraine: the case for the offensive

How does Ukraine win the war that has been forced on it contrary to all International Law? For nobody can still seriously dispute that Moscow and Putin is behind the illegal coup in Crimea and the ongoing conflict is Donbass and occupied the sea of Azov.

How to win and achieve a lasting peace such that Ukraine’s legal and sovereign territory is restored and no longer subject to the attacks of the Muscovite ‘Federation’ has never been answered. To my knowledge there has so far not been a single day of ‘ceasefire’ on the Eastern Front of Europe since March 2014 despite all the hot air of talks and diplomats from Mr Volker, who at least calls it what it is, to the Minsk format ‘partners’. In this article I will put forward the justifications and case for Ukraine to take the offencive and for the international community to support such action.

1. The Failure of Minsk and the Absurdity of Agreements with Putin.

On November 11th ‘elections’ were held in so called ‘Peoples Republics’ of Donetsk and Luhansk contrary to Ukrainian law and therefore breaking the ninth stipulation of Minsk that it was required “To ensure early local elections in accordance with the Ukrainian law.” Ukraine is supposed to have control of the State border returned… never happened, illegal armed groups (Moskal troops) were to be withdrawn but now we know all the Officers in the supposed ‘Republics’ are Muscovite Officers seconded from Westen Command. The political puppets who are ‘elected’ – contrary to Minsk agreements – mere Vladimir Survok shills – thieves who pay their lesser Master who in turn must pay the elderly Boss in the Kremlin.

We know they are stealing Ukrainian coal from the occupied territory, whole factories have been reported stolen. The money in people banks in occupied area was even stolen. Shops raided for vodka, cars stopped and apprehended – all in the cause of the ‘great patriotic’ bullshit. In Crimea the Tatars are harrassed daily. Some have “disappeared” – the terrifying knock on the door in the middle of the night of the old Stalin style Checkist has returned, their land ‘confiscated’ as before. One may wonder how long before the Ukrainian Tatars are ‘re-located’ again in another genocidal act?

Where is the Minsk ‘Agreements’ in any of this? There are crimes committed in the so called annexed and occupied areas of Ukraine and Ukrainian soldiers are wounded or die almost daily – another crime. So I shall be blunt; Ukraine should tear up the Minsk ‘Agreement’s’ as Moscow – as most of us knew – never had any intention of abiding by them in the first place. It was foolish for anyone to expect Putin and his criminal gang to ever abide by any agreement in the first place – and I recall saying so at the time. They had broken the Budapest Memorundum – and refused to talk in that format as they were obliged to – broken the Helsinki Final Accords to which they were a signatory and even the UN Founding Charter. One should ask why they are not expelled from the UN. Instead agreeing to talks in the format stipulated by the Budapest Memorandum, that is with Britain and the US as intermediaries – as Moscow was obliged to do as signatories – the intermediary role was farmed out to the French and Germans under a so called ‘Normandy format’ and here one could ask why this was permitted as well as question the of a German State progressing with North Stream 2 against the interests of all Central and Eastern European nations. In many ways the whole ‘Normandy Format’ group that formulated the Minsk ‘Agreements’ was an act of appeasement into which Ukraine was coerced by it’s so called ‘friends’ and it’s enemy.

Of course Ukraine too has obligations under the Minsk ‘Agreements’ but the ‘special status’ law regarding the Occupied Areas, one of Ukraine’s obligations, was passed years ago. What reciprocation has there been? The OSCE still films Muscovite military hardware crossing the border, which by the Minsk ‘Agreements’ Ukraine is supposed to police, every month – even though they do not have access to most of the border – another breach of Moscow’s obligations under the Minsk ‘Agreements’. I do not wish to suggest that our French and German ‘friends’ did not have good intentions when they helped form these ‘Agreements’, I am sure the former French President Mr Sarkosi had ‘good intentions’ too when he negotiated the Georgian ‘ceasefire’ in 2008 under which Moscow undertook to withdraw it’s amed forces from South Ossetia… just they never did leave. One has to seriously question why these supposedly shrewed Statesmen and Ladies, with all the information they have at their disposal, are so consistently fooled by a Muscovite regime which has failed to keep a single pledge it has made? Even Radek Sikorski, the then Polish Foreign Minister, who helped negotiate the ‘agreement’ with Yanukovych in February 2014 was vastly mistaken when he said the Opposition had to sign or “you’ll all get killed”; Yanukovych fled that night. He had no intention of keeping the ‘agreement’. What does it take for the ‘wise Statesmen’ to understand what is obvious to any common observer? That the Putin regime will never keep any ‘agreement’ or ‘Treaty’ that it signs it’s name to. It is a mere piece of paper to be torn up and ignored when it suits them. They know this when they sign such worthless documents and laugh at those who have the stupidity to put any faith in such ‘agreements’ as Budapest, Minsk and all the rest.

The ‘Minsk Agreements’ are a joke, the ‘Normandy Format’ for talks was in itself an act of appeasement. For starters Minsk was supposed to be completed in one year… soon it will be five years later. How can Ukraines ‘friends’ any longer insist that Ukraine abide by the terms of the Minsk ‘Agreements’? Is it not Ukrainian sovereign territory? The ‘friends’ insist it is but continue to put faith in such ‘Agreements’ that were never signed by the aggressor in good faith in the first place. Any ‘agreement’, even a barter, needs good faith on both sides but the Putin regimes ‘good faith’ in any ‘deal’ or ‘agreement’ was never once there. How is Ukrainian sovereignty of it’s territory and a lasting peace to be achieved when we keep allowing these fraudulently signed ‘agreements’ to the basis of our ‘trust’ in an enemy that has proven time and again they cannot be trusted? Does not Ukraine the right, the duty even, to restore it’s sovereignty over it’s legal land and bring help and succour to the offlicted Ukrainian citizens in the Occupied Areas? Where one side fails to keep an agreement may it not be eforced unilaterally by the owner of the property? If someone camps in your garden it is wrong but you may say “ok for a bit but please do make a mess”… When they then make a mess, break the ‘agreement’, you still retain the right to clear them off your land. I do not think there can be any legal or diplomatic diplomatic condemnation for Ukraine if it now proceeded to act of it’s own accord to restore it’s sovereign territorial integrity. Moreover I believe that only by doing so can victory and lasting peace be achieved.

2. The Road to Victory and Peace.

To bring victory and peace are of course two different objectives – victory would bring peace but peace would not necessarily bring victory. So first the peace objective was one of the aims of the Minsk ‘Agreements’; it has never happened. Ukrainian soldiers die daily – as do Moskals; the only difference being that one side reports it and the other bury their dead in secret with unmarked graves.

There are of course many ways to achieve ‘peace’: An ‘uprising’ or coup in Kyiv could occur to install a Government that was more aligned to it’s traditional alliance with the old ‘Fraternal Partner’ and while I am sure some in Moscow have considered this they at least have the sense to know that the vast majority of Ukrainians will not accept a turning back of the clock. Ukraine could “brought to it’s knees” economically was an option – that is why they cut the gas etc but as we saw Naftogaz has managed extremely well to sidestep this and won rulings against Gazprom to boot. President Poroshenko’s UN Peacekeeping force idea was mooted for some time but it was a dream – Moscow would never allow real oversight of their war anymore than they did in Chechnya or Georgia. In truth there is no way to bring about peace WITHOUT victory. It is time to stop fooling ourselves that any ‘agreement’, ‘school ceasefire’, or whatever other silly ‘memorandum’ or ‘treaty’ the Chekist Mafia regime in Moscow condescends to sign will mean “Peace in our time.” Only victory can bring peace.

Now while certainly it is vital those in the West understand this is more vital still that Ukraine and Ukrainian people understand it as they suffer most and will suffer far more should they and those in the West fail them. Sadly the Muscuvite information and hacking as well as outright comprimise attacks have harmed Western nations in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis more than can could be expected. I have previously discussed an ‘Intermarium’ approach, but the current Polish Government ‘Three Seas Innitiave’ excludes precisely those countries, Ukraine and Belarus, that any Intermarium must include to be viable – the frontline nations from which the threat comes.

This does not mean that Ukraine alone can act. It is the right of the nation to act for the liberation it’s own territory after all. Ukraine cannot win a war of attrition such as we are currently witnessing; a stalemate. To put it simply there are more Moskals than Ukrops. Even if one Ukrainian dies for every 5 Muscovite Ukraine loses. The standstill – international arbitration and talks – strategy is costing Ukrainian lives almost daily and it cannot succeed or bring peace. We may lose slowly but by maths we are not winning while we sit and be shot at.

I recognise the magnifient transformation that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have undergone since 2014 and that much still needs doing. There were I think three operative units – as in able to do something in March 2014… Now over 60. Is it not time to advance to reclaim Ukrainian sovereign territory? To deal a crushing blow? Who can tell what tremors of such a blow may cause in the Kremlin Mafia… Putin is getting old and should he be seen to lose? Of course one blow may not be sufficient but as the nation attacked/invaded Ukraine would have the perfect right to advance beyond it’s legal frontiers – the Allies in WW2 did not stop at the German border. To occupy Rostov would practically cut occupied Crimea off and may perhaps force them to terms and deeper changes? To the Don river even? Who could object? Much of it was of old Ukrainian land anyway. . For there is no point stopping at border – it would not end the war. You would just have a new ‘front line’ at which they shoot at you as they do now in our own territory.

Prior to any large offencive that Ukraine (and perhaps others) may launch it is right that we analyse the objectives – for it is not just killing Moskal slaves. Indeed the people of the Muskovite Empire – the last Empire – have suffered most under it’s endless tyranny. It is they we who need to liberate themselves as the Ukrainians did in Kyiv in 2004 and 2014. They and the old nations, Circassia (who’s Ladies were renowned for their beauty in ages past), the republics and peoples of the Empire given liberty at last… so that in the end the Checkist trials arrive from their own oppressed. Only once the crimes of the Muscovite state are known and discussed in Muscovy and in their Empire does the Checkist state and mentality end and sadly for us that is what we must attempt to do. In this effort all allies are welcome – the subjects of Checkist Mafia that know their oppression must be our principal allies and informers. We must so resolve ourselves that only the formal trials – in the Hague or in Moscow – of the Checkist State(s), both Communist and Putinist, relieve us of our duty as ‘fraternal neighbours’ but more than as humanists who believe in God’s Justice. It will also have the added effect of removing the threat from those Slavic and other neighbours who wish to live in peace for the foreseeable future.

In the end this is the only way this war can be won by us. It may be ended by them – as did the ‘Cold War’ when the USSR self imploded and long term this is a sure bet but at the cost of how many more Ukrainian lives? When one clear defeat, Moskal prisoners on social media, could cause an earthquake in the Kremlin and in Muscovy in general where Putin’s popularity is nosediving? There is nothing to lose but everything to gain from the Ukrainian Armed Forces at least liberating the soverign territory of Ukraine that is currently occupied; indeed it should be their duty. It may be enough even to end it. On the other hand there is nothing to be gained by sitting still and getting shot at while relying on the ‘good faith’ to any ‘agreement’ of an enemy that has no faith. Advance to victory and peace is the only rational option. Who is to say that the whole wrotten sham that is the current Muscovite Chekist Mafia may not collapse if the door is once kicked in? Standing still is not a winning a strategy. Only taking the offencive to victory ends this war and so saves more lives.”

Richard Drozdowski for EMPR

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