Adventures of a Russian agent with a double criminal records in Crimea

Adventures of Russian agent with two criminal records in the Crimea Investigation on the second Ukrainian citizen who was recently seized by Russian FSB officers in Crimean peninsula and declared as Ukrainian saboteur Russian agent Russian intelligent agency provocation in the Crimea the Federal Security Service Ukrainian saboteur anti-Ukrainian recidivist named Зая criminal offense for fraud forgery anti-Ukrainian slogans Russian Federation Ukraine

Imagination of Russian intelligence agency could be better, Ukrainian MP and Minister of Internal Affairs advisor Anton Gerashchenko admits.

His investigation on the second Ukrainian citizen, who was recently seized by Russian FSB officers in Crimean peninsula and declared as Ukrainian saboteur read below.

Let’s remember how it was fifteen years ago! They blew up houses in the whole Russia, subway and airplanes. They hung a blame on Caucasians and stole money for war and security measures. But now they even failed to make a normal provocation in the Crimea. As always, human factor let them down.
Yesterday, the Federal Security Service said that they detained second Ukrainian saboteur – 41-year-old foreman from Yevpatoriya, Zahtey Andriy Romanovich.
Journalists of «Peacemaker» news agency examined personal data of Zahtey, available in the public sources, and it turned out that it is just anti-Ukrainian recidivist named «Zaya», who have two criminal records. He was sentenced in 1998 to 6.5 years in prison for robbery committed by a group of persons. He served four years in Lviv penal colony number 40.
Then he was again charged with a criminal offense for fraud, forgery and a number of other offenses in 2008. But he escaped surprisingly easy – a criminal record, and a small fine.
In 2011, «Zaya» incurred some debts in his hometown of Boryslav, Lviv Oblast and ran from creditors to Moscow. Then he moved to Yevpatorya (Crimea), where he still lives.
During Maidan «Zaya» posted anti-Ukrainian slogans in Vkontakte social network.
All his masterpieces are in databases of «Peacemaker», follow the link to find more.
In case, if  «Zaya» is an agent, he is not an agent of Ukrainian special services. Most likely FSB agents use him for their needs.
It’s not his first time in prison. He used to it. Maybe he will even receive a pension in the Russian Federation for outstanding achievements.
EMPR, Maria Nesheva contributed to this publication
Full article in Ukrainian is available here.

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