So who was shooting people in Kyiv?

who was shooting people in Kyiv at Euromaidan with a bolt-action sniper rifle SV-98 investigation FSB agents headed by Mr. Surkov in Kyiv February 20 2014 Kremlin Heavenly Hundred russian snipers took part in the execution of maidan

So who was shooting people at Euromaidan with a bolt-action sniper rifle SV-98 ? This topic has been discussed for many time already. Irakli Komaxidze, presents his investigation findings on the issue.

There are various messages in media about the visit of FSB agents headed by Mr. Surkov to Kyiv in 20 dates of February 2014 and participation of the Kremlin fascists in the ex-ecution of the Heavenly Hundred. There is a 13 minute video on YouTube, where on the minute 10 among snipers you can see «fighter» with SV-98 sniper rifle.

As a former military officer and a person who is familiar with different types of weapon, Irakli Komaxidze was very surprised to see this green rifle in Kyiv. The thing is, SV-98 was introduced into servicemen Russia not very long ago, subunits of snipers and special forces unit in the army were equipped with it, FSB and State Border Service also have it. According to Wikipedia, about fifty SV-98 have been sold to Armenia. But why it appears in Kyiv? There is no information on the Internet, that this rifle was in the military service of Ukraine. The obvious answer is that RUSSIAN SNIPERS TOOK PART IN THE EXECUTION OF MAIDAN!

The equipment of ‘fighters’ is also very interesting: military helmets and harnesses. There were also intercepted audio recordings with Russian speech and it was obvious that point men and snipers in the center of Kyiv didn’t know the territory and objects. There are many circumstantial evidence. Irakli also stated, Russian military occupants with the same rifles in Crimea (unfortunately, he doesn’t remember where exactly, but readers can find this information on the Internet).


Maria Nesheva contributed to this publication


Original topic in Russian language is available here.


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