In no case should Steinmeier formula be signed. But Ukraine did it

Ex-representative of Ukraine in the working subgroup on political issues of the TCG in Minsk Roman Bezsmertny has published the text of the sensational “Steinmeier formula,” which is being prepared on behalf of the Trilateral Group for the heads of the “Normandy format” states.

He has stated this on his Facebook page.

Цей папірець готується від імені ТКГ в Мінську для глав держав Нормандського формату і подається, як так звана «формула…

Geplaatst door Роман Безсмертний op Maandag 30 september 2019

“This piece of paper is being prepared on behalf of the TCG in Minsk for the heads of the Normandy format states and is touted as the so-called “Steinmeier formula.” I draw the attention of all those involved in the process to the inadmissibility of adopting such a document, let alone signing it,” Bezsmertny says.

A meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group on the Settlement of the Situation in Donbas was held in Minsk today.

Russian media TASS reports that Ukraine has sighed “Steinmeier formula.”

Details soon.


Source: sprotyv

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